​​​​3 Reasons to Make Your Event Continuous

August 24, 2021

In 2020 companies like CONVERGE20 broke event records for registration and attendance. Virtually hosted events like CONVERGE20 saw up to a 500% increase in attendance and a 600% increase in registration from prior years. COVID-19 and the surge of virtual events demonstrated the power of a virtual event; but at revnt, we don’t think ‘virtual’ alone is enough.  That’s why we’re reimagining traditional conferences and events and have created a new type of event that we’re calling ‘Continuous Events. ’This new approach to events allows virtual and in-person attendees, speakers, and sponsors to have continual access to your entire event for weeks, months, or longer after the live event has ended. Dynamic and interactive, revnt allows event organizers to deliver event experiences unlike ever before that are more engaging, dynamic, and interactive on a continual basis.

So why are companies like convercent switching to continuous event platforms? Here are three reasons why they made their event continuous, and why you should too:

1. Offer Ongoing Event Experiences

You can enable continual interaction with your event by providing access to event video, chat, and notations within minutes after your live event has ended. This convenience and accessibility drive ongoing engagement by allowing attendees to continue to chat and network post-event. You can also use previously recorded content to generate new, engaging events with greater efficiency.

2. Provide Dynamic Audience Engagement

Continuous events make both virtual and in-person events a more active and less passive event experience. Our platform lets you highlight and bookmark content anytime for greater learning and engagement insights with better retention, and allows people’s different learning styles to access and absorb valuable information. With revnt you can take notes that reference specific content and download them to your device for access anytime.

3. Enjoy a Broader Reach with Audience Analytics

Virtual events offer greater accessibility, allowing you to reach audiences and participants from all over. Our platform helps you promote, target, and advertise your event, so you can achieve more marketing accuracy with the support of comprehensive data from our audience analytics features, and events can be exclusively featured to drive more sign-ups. Finally, event attendees can easily find, search and sort for the exact event they're looking for, making it easier for them to find your offerings.

Continuous events allow your attendees to reprioritize and balance the demands of their life without losing the benefit of your content and participation in your offerings. To learn more about how the revnt platform is providing limitless event engagement, reach out to us here

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