6 Hidden Benefits of Continuous Events

August 31, 2021

The year 2020 transformed events and meetings forever. Event professionals quickly pivoted to capitalize on the unique value made possible by virtual events. According to a SiriusDecisions report, 52% of event professionals plan on hosting virtual events in 2021 and beyond. Why? Because as event technology evolves to enable a more immersive and unified audience experience, continuous events are not only eliminating many of the impediments for guests who are unable to attend in person, but also amplifying the experience for in-person attendees as well. Audience members who would previously have missed out on valuable content, opportunities for collaboration, and irreplaceable networking experiences can now learn and interact from anywhere in the world. Not only that, but whether they attend in person or virtually, all attendees can revisit any session at their own convenience, either to view a presentation they missed before or to review high-impact content that warrants a second or third time through.

The ultimate goal of any event is to provide attendees with an impactful and valuable experience, both with high-quality content and amazing networking connections. Continuous events enable audiences to be larger and more wide-reaching, making your content accessible to as many people as possible. They eliminate all obstacles to accessing your event, breaking down barriers previously caused by geographic location or time differences. They open the door to entirely new audience sets, expanding your event reach with virtually no additional overhead.  

Curious how a continuous event platform could amplify the impact of your next event? Here are 6 hidden benefits of continuous events you could be missing out on:

  1. Real-time value from user-generated content — Take advantage of the hundreds of chat messages to respond to both your virtual and live audiences in real-time.

  2. Engage with your audience year-round — Ramp up the excitement level by keeping your event at the top of your attendees’ minds with teasers and sneak peeks leading up to your event, and keep them engaged with replays and ongoing interaction months after.

  3. Make your virtual experience available to all attendees — Not everyone who attends in-person can join every session. Continuous events enable all attendees to utilize on-demand content to round out their experience and reinforce their key takeaways, ensuring they never miss a moment.

  4. Give your content an extra life — Instead of releasing all of your session content during your live component, release some highly anticipated content online before your live experience, and re-release a highlight reel of the most highly rated content afterward to bring in new audiences!

  5. Make Your Event More Sustainable — Continuous events let you engage a large segment of your audience virtually. Adding a virtual component lets your event scale while minimizing your carbon footprint. That means less travel, reduced pollution, and less waste from the physical event venue––all without sacrificing greater reach.

  6. Make distance irrelevant  — By offering your in-person event online you eliminate the need for travel for those who live out of town, saving them the hassle and expense of accommodations, company stipends, and additional transit.

As we look toward a post-lockdown world, we have the opportunity to pioneer new ways of coming together and connecting people––no matter where they are or what other barriers they may face. Continuous events bring wider reach, higher engagement, and greater impact. They help break down geographical, physical, and financial barriers while amplifying the energy of being together in person.

For a more in-depth look at our Continuous Event solution, reach out to us here.

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