Limitless Event Engagement

Dramatically increase engagement, learning, and ROI with the world's first continuous event platform.


Why revnt

Continuous Event Access

Virtual or in-person attendees, speakers, and sponsors can have continual access to your entire event for weeks or months post-event.

Interactivity and Insights

Allow your audience to chat, take notes, and make highlights and then view their activity in the aggregate for unprecedented user insights.

All-in-One Experience

Experience live and on-demand video, text and video chat, and all our powerful notation features all in one place.

Streamlined Event Workflow

Enjoy streamlined and intuitive event setup and ongoing management designed for event organizers' workflow.

Ongoing Event Experience

Enable continual access to your event for weeks or months after your live event for both virtual and in-person attendees.

  • Provide access to event video, chat, and notations within minutes after your live event has ended
  • Allow people who missed your live event to still attend after the live event has finished
  • Drive ongoing engagement and community by enabling attendees to continue to chat and network post-event
  • Create new, engaging events with previously recorded video content

Dynamic Audience Engagement

Our unparalleled engagement features make both virtual and in-person events a more active and less passive event experience.

  • Take notes that reference specific content and download them to your computer for anytime access
  • Highlight and bookmark content anytime during an event for greater learning and referencing and engagement insights
  • Enjoy easy to follow text and video chat that includes polls, Q&A, and sponsor interaction

Curated Events Marketplace

Event organizers can now promote and advertise their events to massive audiences and event attendees can easily find, search and sort for the exact event they're looking for.

  • Event organizers can reach far larger audiences in promoting their event
  • Events can be exclusively featured on the platform to drive more sign-ups
  • Attendees can see and attend live, trending, or popular events in real-time
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