Turning Your Audience Into Monetized Subscribers

Exciting news!! We just launched two new product offerings on the revnt platform!

In short, these new offerings will allow you to turn your event audience into monetized subscribers via our Organization Marketplace and Payments Capabilities.

Organization Marketplace

For the first time ever, customers can feature all of their live and on-demand event content in one singular place and can either monetize this content through offering one-time purchases or a subscription model we’ll be launching soon. Events and associating content can also be offered for free, as well as live-only or on-demand-only formats.

The Organization Marketplace can seamlessly host all of your live and on-demand events on our platform. Additionally, if you record your event, the platform will automatically upload the recordings to your marketplace after the live event is finished for easy post-event monetization and engagement.

Moreover, you can brand the appearance of your marketplace to match your brand standards, including your organization’s logo and any other branded assets. Along with that, you can create events as well as remove old and irrelevant events, and on the admin console, you can even archive events in the marketplace but still be able to reactivate them in the future for your audience.


In conjunction with the Organization Marketplace, you now have the ability to charge for your individual events at anytime - during the live event or indefinitely post-event - all on our platform! This means you can enable your audience to buy tickets for live events, on-demand events, or both! You can even set a different price for access to the live event and the on-demand recording after the live event ends.

This payment capability that allows you to start making money from your live and on-demand events also seamlessly integrates with your marketplace. Your pricing for live and on-demand events will be displayed on your marketplace to provide your audience with multiple purchase options.

For collecting payments, you can connect your bank account to your revnt account through Stripe to manage your payouts. Once payments start being made, you will be able to see a summary of your sales on your organization’s payment dashboard.

We believe event organizers are only scratching the surface when it comes to monetizing their educational events. This is why we’re putting power in your hands to continue the value of your events unlike ever before. Welcome to a world where the power of events no longer has an end time.